Small improvement for my throttle. Today I added a light to the parking brake.


GLB Boeing knobs look very realistic and are very good quality.

I have assembled with two rotary 8 positions switches. These two knobs are the last thing I'm doing for this TQ.

  Here is the current picture of my TQ:


See also my video:

In the beginning I wanted to imitate this project by Juan Cordon:

This is too complicated for me, therefore I've built first simple variant. It is not like the original TQ but looks good and is fully functional.

If you want to make my project you need:
First of all you should print 2x "FACE2", 2x "FACE8", 1x "FACE4 and 6x" handle ". I have used laminate for the walls and middle pieces of the handles. The other four pieces for the handles are thicker wood.
All printouts stick on to the wood panels and cut out.
FACE4 should have cut more in the middle until everything is centered.
You don't need all the holes of course.
All other switches or axes you can connect via joystick controller. In my case Precision Joystick Controller BU0836 by Leo Bodnar.
For my speed brake lever I use a car turn signal lever. For the circular surface are 1 mm laser-cut metal plates. All other panels are made of plexiglass.
You have to adapt everything else alone.
I can only give you a tip. You should make the handles lightweight or tilt forward the Saitek throttle otherwise they go down back in the idle position by itself.

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November 3 & 4 2012